High Output Grind-N-Vac


Statistics: 1hp motor/850cmf Double Bag Vacuum and a 3/4hp grinding motor with a 5"x3" 24grid carbide drum. This footbed grinder has a 5" wide drum that alows you to grind the full width of the footbed in one pass even on size 14s. The 24grit carbide drum lasts much longer than regular sand paper drums and it really ripps off the material to make quick work of those orthotics. Finer grit drums are available upon request. The Vacuum alows very little debris to excape the over sized hood. It has two hoses connected to the hood and vacuum, which means less clean up. The orthotic grinder is portable (mounted on 4 caster wheels) for use in other parts of the back shop or locations. Stationary orthotic grinders are available upon request with even greater CFMs of vacuum.


The 5" x 3" 24grit carbide drum is also sold seperately for $279.95.


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