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Another Master Bootfitter Speaks out!

Ref-SKINET: Steve Cohen


Bad boot fits are like bad marriages. Experts estimate that nearly 80 percent of all bad fits could be avoided if skiers started out with a better match. Since there are few opportunities to actually test boots on the hill, most people rely on shop fit and a boot fitter's recommendation. While you can zigzag to a good fit by trying on lots of different brands, you take a short cut by working with an expert boot fitter. Top notch fitters are trained in biomechanics and know the nuances of each models "last" shape and flex characteristics so they can match your foot shape and ski style to the appropriate boots. They'll make sure you get a boot that fits snug but without pain.


Ski Magazine's Master Fit boot fit experts have checked out hundreds of ski shops to find some of the country's best fitters. They not only can help you find the right boots if you're buying new, but they're also adept at customizing your existing boots to increase comfort, boost your performance and prevent injuries. Most are also experts at making custom footbeds. These miracle workers are in demand so we suggest you call for an appointment before visiting.

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